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Building EQ resilience

Posted by Ann Baret on 11 January 2019 1:50 PM CAT
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EQ or Emotional Intelligence is a topic that is spoken of often but rarely understood. We know what IQ is and many judge others based on this. IQ is important, sure, but having low EQ can knock you right out the park when it comes to life in general and in business.

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Introducing the Team Dynamics iScan

Posted by Ann Baret on 15 October 2018 2:55 PM CAT
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If you are like most leaders, you really care about your team. And if you are like most leaders, you struggle with the same things I struggled with when I led teams and the same thing that the leaders I have worked with, in the last 10 years have struggled with day in and day out, namely team drama, negativity, trust issues, communication failures, lack of accountability and commitment etc.

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Demartini and Team Dynamics

Posted by Ann Baret on 01 August 2018 9:50 AM CAT
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For your business to flourish, you need customers who love you and think you’re a star. These customers can come back and give you more business or tell other people to try your business. In order to get your customers thinking of you as amazing, you need yourself and your employees to be firing on all cylinders, all of the time.

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