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Introducing the Team Dynamics iScan

Posted by Ann Baret on 15 October 2018 2:55 PM CAT
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If you are like most leaders, you really care about your team. And if you are like most leaders, you struggle with the same things I struggled with when I led teams and the same thing that the leaders I have worked with, in the last 10 years have struggled with day in and day out, namely team drama, negativity, trust issues, communication failures, lack of accountability and commitment etc.

So how do you deal with these breakdowns in your team? The reality is that most leaders do not have the answers. They may try some team building, attend a workshop on leading more effective teams or read a book on team development. But the reality is that, with all of these approaches, very little actually changes. 

Why? Because taking your team from ordinary to extra-ordinary requires personal change and commitment first. And to sustain this change, the very nature and culture of your team need to change as well. So there is no quick fix, single program, workshop or book that help with this change. 

Over the last couple of years, we have developed a model called "The Team Dynamics iScan model". This model literally transforms teams from the inside out and completely radicalizes the way they work together. 

If you would like to find out more, and understand this model, please watch our video.

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