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Organisations who are currently doing programmes and projects in schools can list and brand themselves and connect with the school community where they are working. If you’re one of the thousands of organisations with a mission that aligns within the broad category, you want to be included in A Better Africa Network. Read more.

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MIET AFRICA is a not-for-profit education and development organisation that improves the lives of children and youth by contributing to the provision of quality education for all. Forward-thinking, we use principles of social entrepreneurship to actively identify barriers to education achievement and to conceptualise and pilot innovative, replicable interventions that address these challenges.

MIET AFRICA has created the CSTL PULSE ecosystem on, which provides schools and other stakeholders throughout the SADC region with a platform for sharing experiences and finding solutions to overcome challenges facing our schools.

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The spelling bee has been an integral of A Better Africa Foundation’s programming since its inception in 2009.
The inclusion of the spelling bee into the core remedial literacy programme was inspired by co-founder, Mrs Gertrude Dickinson, after watching the movie Akeela and the Bee. The spelling bee quickly became the most popular and exciting component of the programme.


Citizen Leader Lab: Through innovative leadership development models, we grow conscious citizen leaders who catalyse positive change in their communities and across society, build social cohesion and work towards achieving a just society.

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Wot-if? trustmanages and initiates a number of programmes and projects based on expressed community needs. These are established during stakeholder engagements and direct consultations. We focus on CSI, Socio-Economic, Enterprise and Supplier Development programmes in Diepsloot. This includes projects that empower women, develop the youth and ensure that emerging and small enterprises grow and become sustainable.

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Courage is an open-source child protection and empowerment programme that combines toolkits and workshop processes that help you to recognise the rights and needs of all children, to identify where they are being abused or overlooked, and to develop the strategies you will need to solve these challenges.

Explore the courage community here.

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