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African teachers want to be future fit

Posted by Janice Scheckter on 01 March 2023, 10:20 SAST
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HP has revealed the results of its first education-focused survey in Africa, which sheds light on teachers’ skillsets and how learning experiences for students can be improved in South Africa and Nigeria. The research supports HP’s education programme in Africa, which aims to provide the right technology and skills to the education sector.

As the effects of the pandemic continue to be felt on the education system, schools must navigate the imperative to catch up with national curriculums whilst providing future-proof classrooms and learning environments.

“Teachers perform a pivotal function in our society, not only in shaping the minds of future leaders and preparing students to take on the jobs of the future, but also inspiring and enabling better learning outcomes,” says Brad Pulford, Managing Director of HP Africa.

Understanding the realities of 21st-century teaching, 10 skills were identified in the study as crucial to future proofing learning. The majority (7 in 10) of teachers surveyed agreed that creative, innovative, critical, and entrepreneurial thinking, as well as digital literacy, are very important.

Crucially, one in three teachers say they could benefit from additional training to improve their skills in the above-mentioned areas, and that the development would have an enormous impact on the pedagogy.

Access to adequate resources and technology is key

Educators face numerous challenges which can negatively affect teaching outcomes, such as a lack of basic materials. 82% of teachers surveyed noted access to instructional materials and supplies as a problem, and a further 89% said access to adequate technological resources is an issue – a crucial aspect of teaching that has been overlooked for over a decade but has been brought to the fore by the pandemic.

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African teachers want to be future fit
This article is an except from...
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