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Mindfulness and Stress Management

Posted by Karabo Kgophane on 12 October 2023, 12:55 SAST
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Teacher stress and burnout statistics are a growing concern in the education world. Thankfully, there’s a great tool we can use as teachers to help ourselves get out of the stress response and into a state where we feel calm, focused, and ready to be our best selves both in and out of the classroom. It’s called mindfulness, the practice of paying attention to the present moment with intention.

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Three dynamics for a productive classroom

Posted by Hlengiwe Zwane on 23 August 2023, 10:55 SAST

When it comes to creating a productive classroom there are mainly three dynamics that need to be taken into account. In this article, we will dive into the different aspects that one should take into consideration when trying to create a productive classroom for their students. The dynamics are as follows:

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Creativity for Educators

Posted by Hlengiwe Zwane on 06 July 2023, 11:25 SAST

Africa, with its diverse cultures, rich heritage, and vibrant communities, possesses an incredible wealth of untapped creativity. It is high time that African educators reevaluate and reimagine their approach to teaching, leveraging creativity as a catalyst for transforming the educational landscape on the continent. Lets explore the importance of relooking at creativity within classrooms.

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The crucial role of consent education for educators

Posted by Hlengiwe Zwane on 07 June 2023, 13:20 SAST


Consent education holds immense significance in a child's sexual education. It teaches them that their opinions matter and that they have choices. As they grasp the concept of consent, they also learn to respect others' decisions. By understanding how to ask for and give consent, children are more likely to engage in safe and respectful sexual experiences when they are ready. Importantly, consent education can be introduced without directly associating it with sex.

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Enhancing education beyond the classroom

Posted by Hlengiwe Zwane on 29 May 2023, 09:30 SAST

Let us explore the fundamental aspects of after-school programmes and why they are essential for children's development. Here we will delve into the various benefits of after-school programmes that professional teachers in our community should consider. How can these programmes help children develop new skills, establish meaningful connections, foster diverse learning environments, and provide a safe space for growth? The following are the benefits of afterschool programmes: 

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Key principles to ensure child safety

Posted by Hlengiwe Zwane on 11 May 2023, 13:00 SAST

Child protection can be defined as the process of safeguarding a child who has been identified as suffering or likely to suffer from harm as a result of any form of abuse and neglect. It is crucial that the protection of children is given the utmost priority in society. Every child has the right to be protected from violence, exploitation, and abuse, regardless of the circumstances.

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