Adult education

YASD Specific Objectives..

  • Promote the youth towards poverty eradication and sustainable development process through - Skill development; capacity building, and service delivery
  • Promote participatory exercise for the conservation and sustainable use of natural resources through the use of eco-friendly products and waste innovations
  • Promote quality education and gender equality for the youth and women.
  • Promoting young people economically through social innovation skills, vocational skills, ICT and entrepreneurship
  • To devise and organise for youth and children, particularly their rights to acquire education and improve their health and social and economic well-being.
  • Improve health conditions for young people and women through the provision of civic education in SRHR, menstrual hygiene education and services.


  1. Training and building the capacity of young people in areas of climate change, gender, SRHR and social life skills
  2. Raising awareness of GBV against all vulnerable groups.
  3. Provision of secondary education
  4. Lobbying the government through the environmental affairs department to establish a youth climate fund within the scope of their programming.
  5. Tree planting and mobilising communities to join climate actions.
  6. Promoting and defending safe space for AGYW, especially in schools
  7. Media engagement on both socio-media platforms, radios and Televisions, to reach the general public.
  8. Creating commercial and entrepreneurial opportunities for youth and women through waste innovations.
  9. Training the young people and women in briquette making, bottle cutting, compost making and paper jewellery making
  10. Training school learners in recycling practices, including paper recycling.
  11. Job creation for the green economy by turning waste into wealth/opportunities.
  12. Advocacy for the establishment of YFHS corners in both private and public health facilities.
  13. Partnerships and networking.
  14. Unpacking climate change messages to make it accommodative to people who can not understand technical terms.
  15. Mobilisation of youth to access and uptake Sexual and Reproductive health services and information.
  16. Behaviour change interventions for adolescent girls and young women, including adolescent boys.

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