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Welcome to a series of FutureLife-Now! newsletters, designed to share information, good practices and lessons learnt related to the education, health and development of young people in the SADC Region. Whether you are a young person, a teacher, a health worker, a parent or caregiver, or policy maker, we hope that you will find this enjoyable and useful reading.

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Report Launched! | The Impact of Covid-19 on Young People and Adolescents in the SADC Region

The impact of COVID-19 will have an irreversible effect on progress that has been made if governments do not redouble their efforts and move forward with ever greater commitment to adolescent wellbeing. What is needed – now more than ever – is greater economic investment and infrastructure development in health, education, technology and protection while ensuring the involvement of young people in the policy discourse. Continue reading.

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We are Keen to Go Green! | Zimbabwe’s Murape Learners Put Their Backs Into Greening Their School and Community

Youth participation in community development is one of the most effective ways to promote young people’s active engagement in sustainable development. Murape Secondary School is showing that this is so, especially when it comes to climate change. Continue reading.

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Boys Cry Too | Boys Vulnerability Dialogues in Malawi Reveal that Boys Need Feminism

What do boys and young men need? The best way to find out is to ask them!

This is precisely what happened at the boys’ vulnerability dialogue sessions at Ngowe and Natola Community Day Secondary schools in Malawi, on 22 and 25 June, 2021. Continue reading.

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