We extend an open invitation to every education stakeholder across the SADC region, to delve into the Care and Support for Teaching and Learning (CSTL) space, a framework adopted by all 16 SADC Member States. CSTL is for every school, every educator, government and non-government programmes, and communities. Please explore the topics below and engage with us. Leave a comment below, make a suggestion or contribution and ask a question.

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CSTL for schools, what is it and how can schools engage. Every school across the SADC region can and should be a CSTL school. Explore the topics below to understand more. CSTL incorporates the FutureLife-Now! programme being piloted across 40 schools in Lesotho, Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Click on the BE A CSTL SCHOOL label to explore the pilot schools.

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It is a good idea to have a forum for those who are willing to care about education in Africa

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2 weeks ago

I have a project idea of Teaching SEXUALITY/HIV/AIDS through mathematics
(Adapted to secondary school pupils. How can I be assisted?)

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2 weeks ago

Most schools are looking forward to be part of CSTL. All being equal I would love if we could reach as many schools as possible.

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Clement Mapanje

1 week ago

Child and adolescents are a special group of the population, in this regard addressing issues of mental health that includes prevention of risk factors to non - communicable diseases like; tobacco use and harmful use of alcohol is cardinal in the promotion of health nation among this population.

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1 week ago

We need to redefine education and understand it's roles and value it plays in our countries. Once we do that we will be able to provide quality education. I'm seeing education is not valued as an important tool for national debelopment.

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Kondwani Phiri

1 week ago

Thanks everyone for your discussion points and ideas! Hopefully this platform will give us space to really engage in discussions about how to improve the quality of teaching and learning for our children and youth. CSTL - Care and Support for Teaching and Learning - views education holistically. All the issues and spaces in life are interconnected and have influence on how children learn/how we teach children/how they develop.
Keep these ideas coming.

Jennifer Norins photo
Jennifer Norins

1 week ago

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