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A-Better-Africa Understanding online communities.pngVCoPs are conceptualised as similar to CoPs, but their communication usually takes place via electronic means Furthermore, VCoPs are required, especially in organisations facing the challenge of disseminating organisational knowledge. VCoPs are found to perform a central role in promoting collaboration between members who are dispersed by both time and space. and are viewed as an informal means to enhance knowledge sharing across a disparate audience.

VCoPs is the ability to allow innovative ways of creating and sharing organisational knowledge. Groups of experts in VCoPs function as an interdependent network, with the shared goal of developing their practice and doing their work better.

Knowledge managers mainly focus on formal processes of establishing explicit knowledge sharing approaches. This calls for recognising VCoPs to share tacit knowledge, which is knowledge typically embedded in a specific context. Recent research on knowledge sharing within virtual communities of practice


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An online community or internet community is a group of people with a shared interest or purpose who use the internet to communicate with each other. Online communities have their own set of guidelines and needs, like online community engagement, moderation, and management.

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