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Benefits of community for community members

==== 5.pngLooking to build an online community? Here are some statistics as to why you should consider building an online community:

1. 63% of communities empower members frequently or all of the time, in the
following ways:

  • Asking questions (76%)
  • Providing solutions (68%)
  • Connecting (65%)
  • Being heard (61%)
  • Feeling seen (60%)
  • Leading (35%)
edit2. External communities impact these complex member objectives:
  • Networking with peers (77%)
  • Trust & confidence (65%)
  • New ideas (61%)
edit3. Communities empower members, leading to high rates of engagement:
  • 7% of members explore
  • 9% ask and answer
  • 11% share
  • 21% validate
  • 52% are inactive

Source: Higher Logic State of Community Report 2019

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