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A critical year for online communities

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The global pandemic which many believed would be a memory by now, continues to change the way that we live and work and it has clearly illustrated to us that we are better and stronger together.

The restrictions to social gatherings challenged the ways we saw and used to be in communities with one another. Online communities however are helping us find new ways to come together, be together and slowly overcome the challenges brought forth by this ongoing pandemic.

In the past few years, online communities have taken on a whole new meaning and have played such a crucial role in today's constantly evolving society. One of the major learnings across the globe was learning how to strategise the use of online infrastructures, technology, for social gatherings and many other social agencies.

Across the globe, the growing priorities are knowledge sharing and the strengthening of the connected community. We believe that 2022 will witness an exponential increase in uptake.

Technology and digital solutions are providing the world with unprecedented infrastructures to help people connect, collaborate and exchange with each other.

We invite you to explore our Education Community Builders’ group where education programmes can build connections, knowledge management systems and sustainability.

Source: Fairforce blog

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