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How to create a document library and hyperlink documents

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  1. Select 'Documents' on the navigation bar.
  2. On the documents page, select 'Create a folder'. This allows you to create a hierarchical arrangement of folders and sub folders if necessary.
  3. Under 'new folder' Add the name of your new folder and SAVE.
  4. To upload documents, click on the folder you want to upload document on. Remember, on the right side of the screen, your folder needs to appear in a blue colour.
  5. After clicking on the folder, select “upload a file”.
  6. You'll be directed to you computer, select the document/s you want to upload and click 'open'.
  7. When you are done selecting files from your computer, click 'start uploading'.
  8. Now, let's assume you want to create some easy links to the document library.
  9. Open the content into which you would like to incorporate the hyperlink.
  10. Highlight the section to be hyperlinked and select the hyperlink icon on the toolbox.
  11. Copy and insert the URL of the document you want to hyperlink and click OK. And remember to SAVE your changes.
  12. To utilize the Wiki page (a knowledge-based page with multiple links) On the landing page of your organisation profile, select 'add a page'.
  13. Add content on the wiki page, highlight the word or sentence you want to hyperlink.
  14. Copy and insert the link to the document.

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