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How to invite and message members_stakeholders

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  1. On the Navigation bar, select member and when you are on the member's page, on the right of the page. Select 'Invite Members'.
  2. Add the email addresses of the individuals you’d like to invite and ensure that the addresses are comma separated.
  3. If the invitees are already on the network, their names will automatically be populated into the form. If not, you will need to add them. There is a way to do a batch upload from a spreadsheet, to be covered in a later tutorial.
  4. Click under 'access' on the right side of the screen, whether you’re inviting them as a member or a manager. You can also use VIPs and Champions, but we recommend that this is preceded by a strategy on building your ecosystem.
  5. You can type up a message as to why they’re being invited to this profile and select Invite.
  6. You will see on the Participants/Members page, their invitations are pending until they accept.
  7. The edit button on each participant enables you to view their profile, resend or remove.
  8. To send a message to all or any of the participants via the organisation profile, on the 'Participants tab' you will see 'Send email to members'. Emails can be used to advise on activity in the group, but participants will also receive a digest on a weekly basis of all activity. Here you can select all or specific members. Remember to make a selection if you don’t want to announcement going to only those who have opted in – which is the default setting.

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