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CSTL Technical Committee Meeting and FutureLife Now Sharing Meeting Meeting Report and Presentations

Presentations and reports from the successful hybrid gatherings of the annual regional CSTL Technical Committee Meeting and FutureLife-Now! Sharing Meeting.

Screenshot 2021-12-13 at 13.54.32.pngCSTL Technical Committee Meeting – 15 February 2022

CSTL – Technical Committee – Agenda

CSTL – Technical Committee – Minutes

Screenshot 2021-12-13 at 13.54.32.png CSTL – Technical Committee – Presentations:

CSTL – ESA Commitment 2021-2030

CSTL – Impact of COVID-19 in the SADC Region

CSTL – Postgraduate Cohort

CSTL – Regional CSTL Technical Committee Meeting

CSTL – Report Presentation

CSTL – Research on Youth Agency

Screenshot 2021-12-13 at 13.54.32.pngFutureLife-Now! Task Team Meeting – 15 February 2022

FutureLife-Now! Task Team Meeting – Agenda

FutureLife-Now! – Task Team – Minutes

Screenshot 2021-12-13 at 13.54.32.png FutureLife-Now! Task Team Meeting – Presentations

FutureLife-Now! – ESA Commitment 2021-2030

FutureLife-Now! – Lesotho Success Lessons 2021

FutureLife-Now! – Malawi Success Lessons 2021

FutureLife-Now! – MER Update

FutureLife-Now! – Task Team Presentation

FutureLife-Now! – Youth Agency Research Update

FutureLife-Now! – Zambia Success Lessons 2021

FutureLife-Now! – Zimbabwe Success Lessons 2021

Screenshot 2021-12-13 at 13.54.32.png FutureLife-Now! Sharing Meeting – 16-18 February 2022

FutureLife-Now! Programme Agenda

FutureLife-Now! Sharing Notes

Screenshot 2021-12-13 at 13.54.32.png Day 1 – 16 February 2022

FutureLife-Now! – ESA Commitment 2021-2030

FutureLife-Now! – Lesotho Highlights of FutureLife-Now! 2021

FutureLife-Now! – Ubuntu Leaders Academy

FutureLife-Now! – Ubuntu Youth Leaders Summary

FutureLife-Now! – Youth Agency Research

FutureLife-Now! – Zambia Highlights of FutureLife-Now 2021

Screenshot 2021-12-13 at 13.54.32.png Day 2 – 17 February 2022

FutureLife-Now! – DSTI and SADC

FutureLife-Now! – Increasing Access to Health Services through Technology

FutureLife-Now! – Madagascar

FutureLife-Now! – Media and Technology – The Engine of CSTL Schools

FutureLife-Now! – SADC Presentation on Technology

FutureLife-Now! – The Age of Technology

FutureLife-Now! – Youth Helpline

Screenshot 2021-12-13 at 13.54.32.png Day 3 – 18 February 2022

FutureLife-Now! – Blue Schools Healthy and Environmentally Friendly

FutureLife-Now! – Climate Change and Technology

FutureLife-Now! – Climate Change Education – Zimbabwe

FutureLife-Now! – Climate Change Education Strategies and Youth Led Actions

FutureLife-Now! – Climate Change Learning Initiates – GECCD Presentation

FutureLife-Now! – Seychelles Eco Schools Programme (Climate Change)

FutureLife-Now! – UNCCLearn Promoting Climate Literacy

FutureLife-Now! – UNESCO SADC Presentation

FutureLife-Now! – Unpacking the links between Climate Change and SRHR

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