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Why use inquiry-based teaching?

Posted by Hlengiwe Zwane on 11 July 2023, 11:15 SAST


Many different approaches are used in the world of language learning but not all are best suited to every learner. Inquiry-based learning allows students to take their learning in different directions best suited to their interests and skills. The following are four way as to why you should consider using Inquiry based instrusction.

Can help students develop a deeper understanding of the content.
When students are actively involved in asking questions and seeking answers, they are more likely to develop a deeper understanding of the content than if they listen to a lecture or read a textbook. This is because they are actively engaged in making meaning of the material rather than passively receiving information. Additionally, by working together to find answers to questions, students can build on each other’s understanding and create a complete understanding of the content.

Can encourage students to be more independent learners.
One of the goals of education is to help students learn how to be independent learners. Inquiry-based instruction can help students develop this skill by encouraging them to take charge of their learning. When students are used to asking questions and seeking answers independently, they will be more likely to do this outside the classroom.

Can help students to develop critical thinking skills.
Inquiry-based instruction requires students to think critically about the information they are learning. They must evaluate evidence, consider different perspectives, and make reasoned arguments. These are all crucial skills that will help students in their future studies and careers.

Can help students to learn how to work cooperatively.
Inquiry-based instruction often requires students to work together to find answers to questions. This can help students to develop necessary teamwork skills, as well as communication and negotiation skills. These skills will be beneficial in both their academic and professional lives.

Can be more engaging for students.
Inquiry-based instruction is often more engaging for students than traditional instruction. This is because it is active rather than passive and allows students to be more involved in their learning. Additionally, inquiry-based instruction can make learning more relevant to students by allowing them to explore topics they are interested in.

While inquiry-based instruction has many benefits, it is essential to note that it is inappropriate for all situations. In some cases, traditional instruction may be more effective. However, inquiry-based instruction can be a valuable tool for educators to help students learn more effectively.


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