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Area ClassificationKabwe Institute of Technology Kabwe District, Central Province
School NameMukobeko Secondary School
Phone Number097 714 7979
School DistrictKabwe District

Welcome to Mukobeko High School
Mukobeko High School is a public secondary school, this institution is public owned.

Location of the school

Mukobeko Secondary School is located in the North-west of Kabwe town in the Central Province of Zambia. The School is about eight kilometers from the town centre. It is situated behind Kabwe Institute of Technology along the road leading to Mukobeko Maximum Prisons.

Vision of the school

The vision of the School is to be The Best Performing School, Producing Morally Upright Pupils with an Academic Competitive Edge Coupled with Right Skills and Attitude, Equipping them to Contribute Positively towards National Development. This is achieved by prioritising its activities in line with the fifth National Development Plan (FNDP) which supports the realization of Vision 2030 of making Zambia a prosperous middle income country.

Mission of the school

The school’s current mission statement states that, “To Create Conducive Learning Atmosphere for Pupils to Strive for Excellence in Class So As to Acquire Knowledge and Skillsvthat would make them an Integral Part of Society.” This is in full support of FNDP and thevMinistry of Education, Science, Vocational Training and Early Education.

Motto of the school

The School Motto is: ‘Striving for Excellence’. It is the school’s desire to do everything with our level best without sparing any effort in realizing this motto.

Screenshot 2021-05-31 at 13.33.45.pngHistorical background of the school

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