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The Government of Download is committed to ensuring that people in Malawi attain the highest possible level of health and quality of life. This will be achieved by ensuring universal coverage of basic health care which is the obligation of Government according to the Republican constitution but also an important area for investment by development partners, private institutions and other organisations due to its catalytic effect to the economic sector. HSSP II development started at an opportune time when the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) had just ended and the Sustainable Development Goals were launched. The HSSP II therefore incorporates the SDG agenda and builds on the attainment of MDGs 4 and 6, reducing child mortality and combating HIV and AIDS, Malaria and other diseases respectively; reduction in maternal mortality and; high coverage of certain key interventions such as skilled attendance at birth and immunisation.

The HSSP II has used latest evidence and methods to revise a Basic Health Package that is more realistic than its predecessor packages and helps the public health sector to achieve higher total population health, increase financial risk protection and client satisfaction with health care. It is well known that health care provision in Malawi is highly dependent on external financing.

The HSSP II has therefore focussed on strengthening governance of the health sector in order to improve efficiency and get the maximum out of existing resources i.e. human, financial and material.

The HSSP II has also put to the fore exploration of domestic financing mechanisms, although it is still envisaged that development aid to the health sector will be critical to sustain the gains made.

We therefore look forward to continued support from our development partners. As a strategic document that we have jointly formulated, it is my sincere hope that it will henceforth become the single most important point of reference for design of service delivery programmes, resource mobilization and health financing, as it embodies our dream for a better health care delivery system for all the people of Malawi.

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Official Name:
Republic of Malawi
short form: Malawi
former: British Central African Protectorate, Nyasaland Protectorate, Nyasaland.

ISO Country Code: mw
Local Time = UTC +2h

Country Calling Code: +265

Capital City: Lilongwe (pop. 600 000)

Other Cities: Blantyre (the country's commercial capital), Zomba, Mzuzu

Type: multi-party democracy.
Independence: July 6, 1964.
Constitution: May 18, 1995.

Location: Southeastern Africa
Area: 118,484 sq. km. (45,747 sq. mi.)
Terrain: Plateaus, highlands, and valleys. Lake Malawi (formerly referred to as Lake Nyasa) comprises about 20% of total area.

Climate: Predominately sub-tropical; two main seasons, cold-dry and hot-wet. The hot-wet season is from November to April.