Democratic Republic of the Congo


CSTL Pillars for the Democratic Republic of Congo

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Official Name:
République du Congo
short form: Congo
int'l long form: Republic of the Congo
abbreviation: ROC, CGO
former: Middle Congo, Congo/Brazzaville, Congo

ISO Country Code: cg

Time: Local Time = UTC +1h
Actual Time: Tue-May-4 10:00

Country Calling Code: +242

Capital City: Brazzaville (pop. 1 million)

Other Cities: Pointe-Noire (450 000), Dolisie (150 000), Djambala, Ewo, Impfondo, Madingou, Ouésso, Owando, Sibiti.

Government: Type: Republic.
Independence: 15 August 1960 (from France).
Constitution: New constitution adopted in nationwide referendum on 20 January 2002.