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Primary School
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  • Mitchell's Plain, Western Cape
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The school started in 1983 in Portland, Mitchell's Plain, with a staff complement of 40 and 1300 learners. Within the first term, the number of learners was reduced to 900 and the teaching staff down to 34 as more schools opened in Beacon Valley and Eastridge.

Since the very outset we have been blessed by having many parents who willingly assisted with various tasks when called upon. From the outset, we forged partnerships with community organisations. Most noteworthy, in the past a project run at the Beacon Valley Retirement Home, where learners have adopted a granny or grandpa. Unfortunately, this programme is not always sustainable and was abandoned for a number of years, mainly as a result of the escalating violent gang activity in the area.

Wespoort was one of the first schools in Mitchell’s Plain to admit black learners to the academic programme. We have seen a steady increase in enrolment of black learners and currently have about 75% of our learners being transported from Khayelitsha, Samora Machel, Philippi, and Nyanga. We have always believed in non-discrimination based on religion, race or creed. Our doors of learning has always been open, therefore our motto "Gateway to Education". Long before it became fashionable, this school embraced diversity and believed in the concept of holistic development.

The school has always been aware of the decline in social values. The school has an ethos of engaging proactively with various NGOs offering a variety of workshops. These organisations include, SANCA, NICRO, Childline and various anti-drug organizations. Over the years, the partnership with these organisations has become more important us. Here follows a profile of the school:

1. The area in which the school is situated

Urban area - Portland, Mitchell's Plain

2. Historical background of the school

Period of existence of the school - School started in 20 January 1983

The first principal was Mr. SP Jonathan

First staff members: school started with 38 teachers

The number of learners started with = 1306

Current number of learners = 1086

Registered learners –approximately = 1100 learner from different races

3. Socio-economic circumstances of the learners

Learners are from Mitchell's Plain, Philippi, Khayelitsha, Crossroads, Mandalay, New Woodlands, The Farm, etc.

Middle class and economically challenged parents (working class)

The homes of the learners: informal houses (shacks); RDP housing; formal housing;

Employed: entrepreneurs; contract; casual work; unemployed; social grants

Recreational facilities: sport fields; sport codes in the area; clubs

Parental interest: learner's school work are varied - some are very involved and others show no interest in learner's work, most do not all attend meetings

Fundraising; there is parental involvement, but have to be constantly reminded of their commitment to the School

4. Estimated standards of learners on entry

Different levels: age groups on entry Grade R = 5 years old turning 6; Grade 1 = 6 years old turning 7

Phases offered at school - Foundation Phase; Intermediate Phase, Senior Phase

stimulation at home is varied, if any - certain parents involved and allow children to watch educational programmes on TV, have tutors or extra classes

Language of learning and teaching (LoLT) - English

5. Other relevant features

Quintile 5 school

Fee-paying School - Grade R = R2 500; R700 Grade 1 - 7

Very few donations or sponsors - iSchools donated 20 Pads to the School, Vodacom donated 20 tablets, WCED new mini-computers 20

Computer literacy - learners are computer literate but more can be done

Tuck shop - outsourced by School Governing Body

School Nutrition Programme for certain number of learners= 280 learners

Learners' mode to school: walk; by car, bus, taxi, train



GRADE 1 – 7R700

1 Follower

H/v Wespoort & Merrydaleweg
Mitchell's Plain Western Cape