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We are an advocacy campaign focused on halving the rate of school dropout by 2030! On this page, you will find information and resources about our two programmes: Reading for Meaning and Yethu Network of Schools. If you are a parent or education practitioner looking for stories and activities for learners, navigate to our Reading for Meaning resources. If you want to know how you can play a role in preventing dropout, click on our 'Yethu Network of Schools' resources for educators and school communities.

The Zero Dropout Campaign wants to change the perception that school dropout is a normal occurrence by demonstrating what it takes to help learners complete Grade 12. Despite South Africa’s large investment in basic education, around 40% of Grade 1 learners will exit the schooling system before finishing matric. Many will remain stuck in poverty and unemployment for life. As a knowledge hub, we’ve collaborated with a number of non-profit organisations (NPOs) to test models of intervention to prevent dropout. Read more

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The Action Summit page

On this page, you will find brochures, toolkits, social media cards and other resources to better understand the problem of learner dropout and how we can find solutions, together. The resources are free to download and share in your respective spaces. Connect to the page.


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Yethu Principal Brochure

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Reading for meaning videos

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Stories and activities for parents

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