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Why conduct a policy audit

Why conduct a policy audit?

A policy review or audit is essential to understand the context in which the CSTL Programme is being implemented. A lesson from the pilot phase of the SCCS (Schools as Centres of Care and Support) Programme in South Africa was that major scaling-up of school-based care and support will only be sustainable if it is embodied in government policy that ensures allocation of adequate resources and support. Therefore establishing the policy and legislation that will underpin CSTL Programme implementation is crucial.

There are three reasons why conducting a policy audit is essential:

A policy audit will help you understand the opportunities and limitations of the present policy environment for mainstreaming care and support. It will identify existing policy that supports the aims of care and support for teaching and learning, and existing policy gaps.

2. A review of policy will also provide guidance about the potential role other sectors can play in supporting the CSTL Programme.

3. A policy audit will frame the policy agenda for the CSTL Programme. The policy agenda will include identifying policy priorities, the writing and revision of policy and advocacy for enabling policy.

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