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Disability Inclusive Child - Safeguarding Guidelines

Guidelines were developed to respond to an existing gap in child safeguarding practices, which often fails to recognise the specific requirements and adaptations needed to ensure the safety of children with disabilities.This was an wonderful initiative between Able Child Africa, Uwezo Youth Empowerment and SCI

The guidelines build on consultations with children and youth with disabilities as well as experience from over 20 organisations. They serve to build knowledge and frame the rationale supporting the relevance and necessity of Disability-Inclusive Child Safeguarding.

Download guidelines here.

Through the guidelines, you will find information about best practices, as well as practical tools and helpful recommendations. The different chapters are useful for both organising for disability-inclusive child safeguarding and for making each step of the child safeguarding cycle disability-inclusive. For example the guidelines include practical recommendations on how to:

  • embed a disability-inclusive lens into child-safeguarding policies, codes of conduct and on-boarding procedures
  • plan, design and conduct activities to increase awareness on disability-inclusive child safeguarding
  • plan for and mitigate physical, emotional, financial and medical risks before, during and after activities to ensure children with disabilities are safe during program delivery
  • set up reporting mechanisms that are inclusive of children with different types of disabilities
  • plan for and conduct disability-inclusive child safeguarding response systems that meet the requirements of children with different disabilities

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Download guidelines here.


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