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African Coalition on Green Growth

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Inclusive Green Development in Africa.

Who We Are

The African Coalition on Green Growth established in 2016, is the officially registered voluntary co-ordinating body of organizations concerned with environmental resilience and climate change within the context of pursuing inclusive and sustainable socio-political and economic development of the people of Africa.

We envision an NGO sector that will increasingly converge and develop a unified voice in the quest to influence policies, laws, regulations, and funding practices that have a bearing on the CSO operating environment in the country. We aspire to better connect, convene, generate, and co-create ideas and knowledge largely based on our own knowledge and experiences in relevant fields, and coordinate diverse groups of NGOs operating in Africa through the creation of spaces and platforms for experience sharing, mutual learning, all-stakeholder engagement, linking networks, and alliances as well as strengthening civic voices.

The coalition shall promote partnerships and alliances at all levels, thereby building consolidated energy as agents of change in pursuit of transformative impact on aspects such as in policies, institutions, human capital and technologies, and operational practices in advancing people-centered green economic growth and development. The coalition shall promote community participation across the continent and this shall be achieved through the coalition members and partners.

What Drives Our Ambition ACGG Vision is:

Achieving inclusive green development in Africa.

The coalition’s mission is to
Promote inclusive and sustained green economic and industrial development in Africa.

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The African Coalition on Green Growth’s Objectives:

The coalition exists to fulfill the following organizational objectives:

  • Promote, coordinate, and organize the participation and contribution of Non-Governmental Organisations in Africa in the development discourse of Africa.
  • Promote and facilitate the collective agenda-setting, interaction, consultation, and exchange of information and experience with and among NGOs operating in Africa.
  • Creating an enabling and conducive operating environment for NGOs is necessary in ensuring sector independence, improved accountability, and fulfillment of institutional mandates.
  • Create and identify opportunities for NGOs to pursue their visions and missions while at the same time building members’ capacities, resources, and synergies.
  • Strengthen, represent, and coordinate the work of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in Africa by creating space, and promoting networking, dialogue, and engagement to enable the fulfillment of members’ visions and missions.
  • Promote collaboration of all sectors of society, business, academy, civil society, and government to achieve green growth in Africa.
  • Promote climate–resilient policies, practices, and investments across all sectors including agriculture (climate-smart agriculture), manufacturing, and tourism including the marine (blue) economy.
  • Advocate and lobby for an Africa-driven Green Economy Centres of Excellence & African-driven solutions.
  • Provide a platform for all stakeholders in Africa to discuss green development issues, and  Promote green development in Africa

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Core Values

  • Leadership: We practice what we preach. We model our work to empower NGOs in Africa by setting exemplary leadership and standards of organisational management and governance.
  • Member-Centricity: Without the members, there is no NANGO, hence we value every member organisation we have and their participation as the backbone of all our programming, believing that it is through them that development reaches the communities in Africa.
  • Integrity: We are firm believers in integrity by abiding by the highest ethical standards of transparency, accountability, and mutual respect.
  • Non-discrimination: We believe in and respect the principles of equity, inclusion, and non-discrimination. We are committed to working with all persons, without discrimination, to promote an open, democratic, and developed African society.
  • Collaboration and Co-creation: Our strategic partnership approach is one of our key assets. We value and foster partnerships, networks, and strategic mutual relationships with relevant development stakeholders, member organisations, and grassroots communities.
  • Engagement – We believe engagement is a critical enabler of critical conversations, policy influencing, building common ground, and finding consensus as we seek to co-create the developed African society we all aspire for.
  • Diversity – Our wide membership reflects our sustained belief in a development sector that embraces and converges the country’s rich socio-cultural diversity.
  • Innovation: We constantly explore creative ways to strengthen NGOs operating in Africa. We are agile and responsive to the changing needs of our stakeholders. We have defined our key values as stated above, and we use them as standards to measure ourselves. We believe they enable us to create sustainable value for our stakeholders.

Our Mandate

- Providing an open, diverse, and inclusive multi-stakeholder platform to foster dialogue and action among members on green development issues in Africa.

- Leveraging multi-institutional action to generate problem-solving knowledge and partnerships, and synergies to act at scale for enhancing green growth in Africa.

- Contributing to informed public dialogue, engagement, and public opinions on green development issues.

- Fostering policy Advocacy

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