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School dropout: A major crisis facing the SADC region.

Do you think improving foundational literacy skill will help prevent dropout?

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Do you think improving foundational literacy skill will help prevent dropout?

2022/09/16 10:16 SAST

1. 2022/09/23 12:37 SAST

Yes I do. We need to be able to read in order to learn as this is how most of the content is delivered and examined. Being unable to read for meaning hinders learners ability to grasp the curriculum and holds them back from achieving their potential. By enabling more learners to read for meaning we will ensure more learners are able to grasp the curriculum and progress with their studies.

2. 2022/09/23 13:20 SAST

Yes, knowledge is power, and it empowers young people to take control of their lives. Breaking the cycle of illiteracy and improving self-esteem is crucial- this improves self-worthy and drive to reach their potential.

3. 2022/09/23 13:31 SAST

Learners who are able to read for meaning are able to engage critically with academic content from all subjects. It definitely adds to feelings of self-efficacy and confidence in the classroom when learners understand what is being taught to them. Being able to read for meaning is a protective factor that mitigates learner disengagement.
Here is a short video about how to stimulate critical engagement and expand on a leaners reading ability.

4. 2022/09/30 14:29 SAST

Yes, improving foundational literacy will for sure help decrease dropout rates. Knowledge is indeed power and will improve not just confidence but also thirst for more knowledge and skills. Nevertheless, a good support system outside the classroom environment is also an important factor to keep youth from dropping out.

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