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School dropout: A major crisis facing the SADC region.

Do you think it is important to track and monitor dropout? Why?

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Do you think it is important to track and monitor dropout? Why?

2022/09/13 17:51 SAST

1. 2022/09/15 12:16 SAST
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By Aussie Ndlovu

Aussie Ndlovu

Country Manager | FutureLife-Now! - Zimbabwe

59 Henwood Road | Morningside | Durban, 4001 | E: aussie@miet.co.za |

Yes, it is important to track and monitor dropouts.

This helps us to know whether the rate is dropping or increasing. By so doing we will be able to come up with methods to curb dropouts. Tracking also helps measure if our efforts in eradicating dropouts are bearing any fruits.

2. 2022/09/23 08:21 SAST

Yes it is important to track and monitor school drop out because it will give the actual statistics of dropouts per class, year, location and and gender as well. So that we can apply suitable measure to fight drop out based on the statistical results brought in. But this is hardly with local education systems unless get improved to computerised education systems for the best outcome.

3. 2022/09/23 12:33 SAST

Yes so that we can hold people accountable and track changes. It will also allow us to better understand the causes leading to dropout, thus enabling us to come up withy more informed solutions.

4. 2022/09/23 13:16 SAST

Yes, tracking is useful for statistics and for being able to evaluate trends but it also gives us an opportunity to respond.

Local school systems and NGOs working in schooling communities who wish to track disengagement can use our low-tech excel tool to help monitor and prevent dropout.

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