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School dropout: A major crisis facing the SADC region.

Why do you think learners drop out of school and what can we do to prevent this?

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Why do you think learners drop out of school and what can we do to prevent this?

2022/09/13 17:45 SAST

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1. 2022/09/15 12:27 SAST
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By Aussie Ndlovu

Aussie Ndlovu

Country Manager | FutureLife-Now! - Zimbabwe

59 Henwood Road | Morningside | Durban, 4001 | E: aussie@miet.co.za |

Lack of motivation. They don't have the 'Why?'.

Some learners feel out of place at school. The schools need to create communities of meaning in order to make these young people feel part of the system.

2. 2022/09/19 09:54 SAST


3. 2022/09/22 13:46 SAST

I think learners drop out of school for various different reasons and that there is no one cause, but rather many causes that intersect.

With this in mind to prevent dropout I believe we need to approach it both systemically BUT ALSO on the level of the individual. If we know the factors that are causing a particular learner to disengage we can then offer targeted and effective support to them. I don't think there is a one size fits all solution and I think we need everyone to buy in to the idea of Zero Dropout and do what they can in their spaces to achieve change.

4. 2022/09/22 13:49 SAST (edited)

Aussie Ndlovu's answer makes sense to me. If school isn't a nice place to be and a matric doesn't guarantee you a job then what is the point?

We need to shift school culture in order to create that why. We must create nurturing and caring environments where learners feel supported to thrive. We must try and enrich our children in all ways possible.

5. 2022/09/23 13:08 SAST

It is incredibly valuable to understand the factors at play at a school/ community level that may influence an individual experience - no individual is an isolated system we interact with our environments. This is why responding to dropout by understanding the push and pull factors that cause it is such a useful strategy.

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