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Digital literacy for the African classroom

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What is digital literacy?

Digital literacy goes beyond the basic ability to navigate a digital device. We've provided you with some quick insights.

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Media literacy and digital media concepts

A document on media literacy and digital literacy principles

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The 8 key digital literacy skills for Educators

An article on the 8 essential digital literacy skills for educators that you can read online or download for reference. Find the download link at the end of the article.

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Assessing your digital literacy skills

As an educator, your students are reliant on your digital skills.

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Developing your digital literacy skills as an educator

We've curated a list of suggestions that you can read online or download for reference. Find the download link at the end of the article.

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Challenges in developing digital literacy in Africa and overcoming the challenges: strategies for African teachers

Along with ideas to address them.

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Teachers' tips for developing digital literacy skills

A video featuring educators providing tips on enhancing digital literacy skills

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Course Overview - Cultivating Digital Literacy

A video showcasing a free course - Cultivating Digital Literacy. This course is designed to assist educators in developing their digital literacy skills

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Robotics and coding

Robotics and coding resources for students in grades R-3 and grades 6-8

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