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Wednesday Wisdom

Posted by Olwethu Majaja on 12 June 2024, 09:50 SAST
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In the often challenging times we live in, it is important to keep your "chin up".

"Keep your chin up" is an idiomatic expression meaning to stay positive and maintain a hopeful outlook, even in difficult or challenging situations. It's a way of encouraging someone to be resilient and optimistic.

Here are 5 simple tips to keep your chin up.

Have a great Chin Up Day!!!

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Tuesday Training

Posted by Olwethu Majaja on 11 June 2024, 11:50 SAST
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Today we learn from world renowned author, speaker and coach Tony Robbins.

The 90-second rule is one of Tony Robbins’ natural remedies for anxiety. Accept that you feel fearful in the moment and look at a timer or clock; you have 90 seconds to feel terrible. Align your head and your heart through heart breathing and allow yourself 90 seconds to feel self-pity or fear or anger or worry. Then change your focus and let it go. Move on for good and accept that those feelings are in the past. Once you do this enough, getting rid of anxiety becomes easier, because you’re accepting the feelings instead of pushing them away.


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Throwback Thursday

Posted by Olwethu Majaja on 06 June 2024, 18:20 SAST
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Today we look back at the African Spelling Bee Finals held in Jinja, Uganda in 2019

Jinja is the source of the great Nile River!

Our National Coordinator Mark Ballot shown here at the Source of The Nile.

This year we will be off to Abuja Nigeria for the African Spelling Bee Finals

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Friday Motivation

Posted by Olwethu Majaja on 17 May 2024, 21:25 SAST
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Mistakes and failures are a part of life. Not only are they natural,  they are vital. They are the building blocks of success and the stepping stones to greatness. Your life should not be controlled by the fear of making mistakes or the fear of failure. It’s not about avoiding failure, it’s about embracing it when it comes and learning from it.

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Teamwork For the Win

Posted by Olwethu Majaja on 19 April 2024, 19:35 SAST
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It is often said, “If you want to go fast, go alone. But if you want to go far, go together.” But that is not just some throw away cliche, there is true power in teamwork.

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Secondary School Essay Competition

Posted by Olwethu Majaja on 11 April 2024, 13:10 SAST
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Want to know how you can be part of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) Secondary School Essay Competition for 2024? Well, you are in luck, view the information in the poster below, and start getting ready. Closing date: 19 April 2024 All the best!

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