Mondeor High School

Secondary School
  • 214 Beauval Avenue, Mondeor, , 2091
  • Johannesburg, Gauteng
  • +0116805362

Mondeor High School Home

Area ClassificationUrban

Mondeor is situated on the South Western side of Gauteng.

Mondeor High School is a caring, concerned school and we are at all times prepared to take up the challenge of the future.

Our spacious and well planned facilities enable us to provide an environment which is rich in learning on every level. We are proud of our well equipped hall, gym, weights room and 250 seater auditorium. Within a period of more than 36 yeas Mondeor High School has touched the lives of many people. With an initial enrolment of 200 learners, 8 educators and 1 secretary in 1976 Mondeor has grown into a large and vibrant multi-cultural school. We now have over 1600 learners, 60 teaching staff, 8 administrative staff and 15 ground staff.

We are recognised as a successfully integrated school with the accent on the development of the individual. We pride ourselves on the wide range of subjects offered, with each child in Grades 10, 11 and 12 being time-tabled individually. We never loose sight of the bright, average and weaker child. Over the years we have looked at the needs of the community and our learners, and we have tried at all times to cater for their total development.

Our school is managed by an experienced, supportive and committed Governing Body. It's members are experts in various fields which are beneficial to our school. The Governing Body has a clearly drafted constitution and endeavours at all times to promote healthy and pro-active educational policies.

There is also a vast array of sporting and cultural activities on offer affording an opportunity to develop the skills and talents of our learners.

One of our main strengths is our teaching staff. Our educators are experienced and competent and highly qualified professionals. Each year close to 20 of our staff assist with the marking of matriculation papers— several are chief and senior markers. Schools in the surrounding area use Mondeor for assistance and consultation. We are highly regarded by the Gauteng Department of Education and often asked to run workshops, share policies, structure systems and notes with other schools. Our educators are progressive, willing to learn and develop. They are flexible, dynamic and willing to handle challenges. We are a pro-active school with a vision. We look to the future and try to plan for the needs of the young men and women whom we are busy moulding and developing.

We are lead by a woman who is caring, kind and nurturing. Our staff follow her lead and our learners blossom and grow in a loving, well disciplined and well organised environment.

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