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A Better Africa


Pfp Core Values Overview


Targeted Activities

Leverage Networking

Case for Principal Development & Support
BBBEE Benefits 2018
SSA BBBEE AffidavitŸ


PfP Brand Toolkit
SSA Style guide

PfP Events

Information sessions

SSA Org profile
PfP Overview
PfP Infographic - Our Story
PfP Cost Breakdown per partnership 2018/19
MySchool card flyer
Annual report 2015
Annual report 2016
Annual report 2017
Annual report 2018

AGM Targeted Activities

Canvassing (leads)

PfP Accreditation
PfP LEAD 2017 Results

Selection Criteria

Guidelines for Recruitment of Principals
PfP Principal Recruitment criteria for District Officials
SSA Confirmation letter for Principals template
Guidelines for Recruitment of Business leaders
Guidelines for Administrators
PfP Circle Photography guidelines

Targeted Introduction sessions

Principal Induction session
BL Application form
Principal Application form
Principal Recruitment Record Sheet
LPF Application form
Guide: FC Showing up Reminder & Discovery Model

PfP Induction

Theory of change
PfP Methodology 70/20/10
Summary of External Research on PfP
Final Report Independent Evaluation
PfP Logic Model for Principal Development

PfP Core Process

Partnership Reflection (I,We,Work)
Facilitation guide: CoP2 after TtT
Facilitation guide CoP after FC
Symphonia Way of Being
Accountability Framework
Summary of Process for LPFs


LPF meets Principal

Appreciative Assessment template
Standard Architecture of a Dropbox file
Application form - Business Leader
Application - Principal
Partnership plan template
Partnership journal (BL)
Partnership journal (Principal)

Attendance Register

Launch attendance register

LPF connects Business Leader and Principal before launch date

SSA Confirmation letter for Principals

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