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Posted by Janice Scheckter on 18 March 2020 1:25 PM CAT

The first phase was the launch of TOMMI on the 7th March 2015. This life size tomahawk aircraft was built by school children and is housed in the STREAM Laboratory. For the launch of the STREAM LABORATORY, TOMMI was fitted out with a flight simulator for the CAMST aviation learners and other learners from other schools to train on. In the STREAM LABORATORY is another room with 6 other flight simulators to pique the interest of learners to pursue a career in aviation.

The general projects and experimental room will house robotics and engineering projects. Jeran from SAAO is going to assist our learners in a robotics and astronomy project. The project will see CAMST Astronomy club learners and other learners from other schools build their own ULTRASCOPE. The ultra scope will be used for asteroid hunting. The information about the asteroids will be released worldwide for interested astronomers to research and study. In the STREAM LABORATORY there is a room dedicated to astronomy. It is hoped that in the near future we will be connected NASA and to the International Space Station.

In the third term our learners will be undertaking the building of a real rocket. More information about this project will be released soon.

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