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How to create an online document repository for your school profile on a-better-africa

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1. A document library can be used for all sorts of important school documentation including, the school rules, the current School Governing Body, the admission forms, subjects available, the teacher contact list, etc.

2. The document section or library has a folder structure and you may want to design how you set up your folders and filing system, prior to uploading documents. So for example, you may have folders called:

  • Admission information
  • Staff information
  • School governance
  • Staff

3. Once you’ve decided on the folder list, you can create the folders. You do this by selecting documents on the navigation bar and click 'create a folder', under ‘new folder’ type in the name of your new folder, and click Save.

4. Select 'upload file' and under ‘drop files here to upload’, click add files. It will take you to your computer, search and select the document you need and click open.

5. When you are done, select ‘start upload’ to upload and save the document.

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