Reneilwe Primary School

Primary School
  • 2472 Unit 2, Temba, Temba, 0407
  • Pretoria, Gauteng
  • +0127175914

Reneilwe Primary School Home

Area ClassificationUrban
School NameReneilwe Primary School
Phone Number012 717 5914
SGB ChairpersonKekana Sheila
SGB Chairperson Contact Number082 041 1984
School DistrictTshwane North
District Contact PersonDan Modiba
Total Enrollment534
Grade 1 Enrollment100
Grade 2 Enrollment68
Grade 3 Enrollment84
Grade 4 Enrollment63
Grade 5 Enrollment63
Grade 6 Enrollment68
Grade 7 Enrollment77
Grade 8 EnrollmentN/A
Grade 8 EnrollmentN/A
Grade 9 EnrollmentN/A
Grade 10 EnrollmentN/A
Grade 11 EnrollmentN/A
Grade 12 EnrollmentN/A

Our school is situated within the semi –rural area of Temba. The school is generally an old school which started in the 1950s. Majority of parents of learners are not residing within this area and learners are mostly left with grandparents. Most of them depend on social grants and child support grants for survival. The school has an enrolment of 506 learners in the reporting year. Most of these learners depend on government feeding scheme for meals at school. Some of these learners are orphans.However most parents are willing to support the school with the beautification of the environment and the total development of the school. Parents are partly involved in the learning and teaching of their learners. The school is not well resourced in terms of facilities, our feeding scheme kitchen has improved but with no eating area for learners. The school has employed 3 VFH staff members. There are no supporting rooms such as a library, staff room and laboratories. There is also no proper office block and assembly shelter. We have 12 CS permanent staff PL1 without a deputy principal and 2 Departmental Heads and with 3 PS permanent and 1 Grade R practitioner. The school has 12 bricks and mortar classrooms and 3 mobile classrooms including one for Grade R. Our school starts from Grade R to Grade 7. The school starts at 07h30 and end at 14h15. We are looking to improve the governance of the school especially since the SGB is also not in full compliment.

We develop a teacher- parent consultation programme in each term. The aim is to communicate with parents about the performance of our learners.

Report cards are issued on a term basis to parents to view the learner’s performance.

Results analysis is initiated on a term basis and intervention strategies are developed.

Parents of learners with barriers work closely with SBST to improve performance.

Learner’s attendance is properly monitored on a daily basis every morning and late comers are recorded.

We have also instituted assembly reading and daily mental maths for all grades every Friday.

We have a total of 534 learners with 1 class in Grade R, 2 classes in Grade 1, 2 classes in Grade 2, 2 classes in Grade 3, 2 classes in Grade 4, 2 classes in Grade 5, 2 classes in Grade 6 and 2 classes in Grade 7.

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