Matsepe High School

Combined School


Matsepe High School was established on the 3rd March 1979 after approval by the Ministry of Education. The school started its activities on the premises of the Mafeteng Methodist African Circuit with seven students under one teacher. It provides opportunities for technical and vocational education for all children without discrimination.

The site of the school at Matheneng, Ha-Matsepe was allocated early in January and the two classrooms were erected and finished before 15th March 1979. The Ministry of Education assisted with 40 double seater desks and 80 chairs.

Matsepe High school is a progressive co-educational school built on values and principles of the Methodist Church of Southern Africa in conjunction with the educational rules and regulations of the Lesotho Government. In this school, the child is educated with an all-round (Holistic) approach featuring Christian principles, academic skills, social behavior and physical development.

High quality and educational standards complemented by sports and other intra and extra mural activities are our aim. Strict discipline does exist in order to create our atmosphere that is conducive for teaching and learning which is in the interest and welfare of all stakeholders. Discipline encompasses implementation of the following policies within the bounds out of bounds school sessions:

English speaking, good conduct, uniform keeping, honouring of school time schedules and sports participation. Permission for exemption or absence from school activities is granted through permission cards obtained from and issued by class teachers or medical certificates in case of illness.

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