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Who are we?

Two-a-Day, previously named Elgin Fruit Packers Co-operative Limited, was incorporated as a primary agricultural co-operative in the Elgin district, Western Cape, South Africa on 19 June 1948 with 18 shareholders which makes it the oldest and longest established local co-operative. A crop increase of 150% during the 1950’s resulted in some 550 000 cartons of fruit packed. This rapid growth continued and in 1976 we packed more than 1,5 million cartons, of which two thirds were exported which gave us an 8% share in the South African apple export crop. The diversified activities of the co-operative necessitated a policy of forward integration, which resulted in the formation of various companies involved in activities flowing from the core business of the co-operative. The Group restructured itself in December 1993, and converted itself to an unlisted private company called Two-a-Day Group (Pty) Ltd.

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May 07

Letswalo M Community Manager @Two-a-Day shared a video: Global Education

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