Twende Mbele (South Africa)



The Government-Wide Monitoring and Evaluation (GWME) programme was approved by Cabinet in 2005. To effect the vision of the work enshrined in the GWME the Department of Performance Monitoring and Evaluation was established in 2011. The Department got underway to institutionalise a national monitoring and evaluation policy. With the aid of a study tour to Canada, South Africa implemented its very first national monitoring and evaluation policy, the Management Performance Assessment Tool (MPAT). The Department changed its name to the Department for Planning Monitoring and Evaluation (DPME). The focus of the changed Department incorporated the planning of programmes, with emphasis on the requirements for programmes to be approved, having to go through a theory of change and a clear project plan. The DPME has since sought to facilitate, influence and support effective planning, monitoring and evaluation of government programmes aimed at improving government outcomes and impact on society

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