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The community team at A Better Africa, has curated THE STAFF ROOM where along with you, Africa's educators, we will build a connected community where you will have the opportunity to reach out to peers across the continent, share your experiences, challenges, and successes, and access live coaching session, all for free, BUT membership is required.


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TSR3.pngThe Staff Room will include topics curated by our team at A Better Africa and ideas and suggestions shared by our community. We invite you to let us know what you would like to see in The Staff Room. While we can't promise we will address every request, we will certainly do our best. Share here.


Our vision is one of community, where African teachers can tap into the collective wisdom, where challenges and successes can be shared. Watch here.

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* The significance of after-school programmes

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Previous coaching sessions - Get the recording
The following coaching sessions for teachers have taken place including

* Goal Setting
* Accountability
* Communication Skills
* Problem-Solving Skills
* Teacher Vocation
* Child protection empowerment

If you missed these sessions, you can watch the recordings and access the presentations on this link.

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Together with Courage Child Protection & Empowerment, A Better Africa has curated The Courage Community, a connected educator community that puts the needs of Africa's children first. Click here.