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Looking for guides to assist you with teaching your students different methods? In the category table below, you'll find teaching guides that we have compiled to assist you with your career as a teacher. Have a look at the recently uploaded guides below:



Reading strategies guide

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This guide lists different reading strategies that educators can use and provide examples of how to implement these strategies.



Directed reading thinking activity

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Directed Reading-Thinking Activity (DR-TA) is a teaching strategy that guides students in making predictions about a text.



Looking for specific guides? Browse through the categories below:


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A positive classroom begins with you. Access teaching guides that relate to classroom management.

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Browse teaching guides according to the subject that you teach.

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Explore and download teaching toolkits with templates such as warm-up activities and self-assessments.

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Access guides that will assist you develop as an educator.

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A positive approach to classroom management.
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A Reboot for our teacher community.

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