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Administrators need to remain mindful

Posted by Hlengiwe Zwane on 22 July 2021 9:35 AM SAST
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Article by Education Dive

With new teachers, regardless of how much talent and promise they bring to the table, there are plenty of guaranteed rough spots before they find their rhythm. While it can be discouraging, this is the reality of virtually any profession. Nonetheless administrators can also take a number of steps to ease disappointment and help young educators learn from those setbacks rather than dwelling on them or letting them crush their optimism or passion for teaching.

Perhaps the most important is pairing them with an experienced teacher mentor/coach. Reassurance from a veteran peer can make a considerable difference when things don't go as expected, as can the wisdom those teachers can provide. Additionally, the rise of micro-credentials have made it easier than ever to offer individual teachers personalised professional development opportunities in any area in which they need or want to improve.

It is also worth looking at how high-performing countries prepare and support their educators for the classroom. There are vast differences at how new teachers are preped for the clasroom across the entire golbe. Pehaps it is worth looking at what othere countries are doing differently and enbeding that into Africas eduation system.

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