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Great teachers - habit 1

Posted by Janice Scheckter on 15 June 2021, 13:25 SAST
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Great teachers work hard to become highly successful. They are indeed exceptional. To further elaborate on their amazing teaching adroitness and outstanding practices, I gladly present the habits of highly successful teachers that you can imitate.

This article aims to extend and tap the best practices of great teachers as they always lead by their good examples in the teaching field.


Teaching has never been easy. But there are teachers who overcome all the teaching challenges through perseverance and patience.

Teachers who have been successful in their profession persevered a lot. I really floundered on how to gain that strong attitude of determination so I can delve more into my teaching career and bring out the best in my students. This requires patience too.  I can say this is because the diversity of learners and learning styles really need the utmost patience of a persevering teacher.

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