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Dimensions of wellness for teachers

Posted by Hlengiwe Zwane on 23 August 2021, 09:55 SAST
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By Angel Montoya and Laura L. Summers

Teaching is a selfless profession. Although many of us find great satisfaction in our work, most educators would probably say they are driven by the desire to help and inspire students. Too often, educators sacrifice their own well-being to support students’ social, emotional, and academic needs. We have experienced this ourselves and seen it among educators we have supported.

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Managing workload anxiety

Posted by Hlengiwe Zwane on 20 August 2021, 15:25 SAST
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There is certainly no shortage of things to get anxious about within the education sector. Organisational change, impending redundancies, lesson plans, piles of marking, exams looming and performance targets are a constant worry. On top of that, there are administrative tasks and flows of emails clogging your inbox, not forgetting the actual job of teaching and student behavioural issues to contend with as well.

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Top 7 strategies to manage anxiety as an educator

Posted by Hlengiwe Zwane on 16 August 2021, 10:05 SAST
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This article is based on the work of Dr Jenn Cooper at Glasgow Caledonian University, psychotherapist, Ben Amponsah outlines 7 key strategies to help teachers and education staff to manage anxiety during the coronavirus crisis. Here is quick summary of his 7 strategies for you to reference.

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