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Helping students cope with a difficult year

Posted by Karabo Kgophane on 28 October 2021, 10:00 SAST
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These unresolved traumas can affect memory and concentration, putting students at risk for lowered levels of academic performance. Teachers—many traumatized themselves—are on high alert for students who show signs of trauma, like difficulty sitting still, irritability, emotional volatility, and difficulty regulating their emotions, plus withdrawal, avoidance, and constant fatigue

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5 Ways to wellbeing

Posted by Karabo Kgophane on 14 October 2021, 10:00 SAST
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This program is peer-led and trains students in the 5 ways to well-being and how to promote wellbeing in their schools. Here are some of the brilliant initiatives taking place which could be easily be replicated in your school. We have based them around the 5 ways to well-being; Connect, Learn, be Active, Take Notice, Give and they are from a mix of Primary and Secondary schools.


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Article by School of Education.

The number of mental health issues among school-age children has ballooned in the last two decades, causing great alarm and leaving educators strategising how to respond. Since 2013, major depression alone has climbed 65% for girls and 47% for boys, according to a recent report from from a major health insurer. Clearly, students need comprehensive support to deal with emotional disturbances that negatively affect their daily lives and potentially hurt their futures as well.

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