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How to keep your classroom in line

Posted by Hlengiwe Zwane on 23 February 2023, 15:10 SAST
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The management of misbehaving students can be one of the most challenging aspects of teaching. It only takes one student to disrupt the learning process for the rest of the classroom to create a snowball effect of insubordination.

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Understanding learning barriers

Posted by Hlengiwe Zwane on 19 January 2023, 10:50 SAST
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When there is so much to take in, learning barriers can feel like swallowing an elephant. It's easy to get lost, wondering where to begin. Understand that students learn in different ways, just as they struggle differently.

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The importance of classroom management

Posted by Hlengiwe Zwane on 16 February 2022, 11:10 SAST
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As an educator, you need to endure that your classroom runs smoothly not just for yourself but for your learners as well. There is no guide on how to prepare for the unexpected. So why is classroom management is soo important? When done effectively, classroom management is important for three main reasons and they are as follows: 

  1. It creates and sustains a well-organised learning environment.

  2. Improves academic learning and fosters social-emotional growth.

  3. Increases students engagement and lowers negative classroom behaviour.

Taking the above into account, what are the components of classroom management? 

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By Joe Tilly

Adults are often unaware of bullying behaviour in schools and classrooms. Subtle, unkind behaviours can easily go unnoticed by teachers. Preventing bullying in schools can happen when the problem is addressed from many angles. Approaches are most effective when the entire school community is involved in creating a culture of respect while developing strong, positive relationships. And it all begins with awareness.

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Classroom Management Practices

Posted by Karabo Kgophane on 23 September 2021, 11:05 SAST
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Source: Crisis Prevention Institute

Student behaviour, students like shouting, not paying attention, avoiding work, disrespect, refusal, and engaging in power struggles take your focus away from teaching and students’ focus away from learning. The following classroom management strategies can be used to help maintain student focus and create student consistency around class expectations.

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7 Essential Classroom Zones

Posted by Hlengiwe Zwane on 30 June 2021, 11:45 SAST
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Article by Veronica Lopez

Setting up some or all of these zones in your elementary classroom will help you and your students make the best use of your shared space. There are many elements to consider as you plan for the next school year. You always review critical pieces like standards, curriculum, instructional activities, and testing, but you also think about the classroom space and how to arrange desks, set up bulletin boards, and organize materials.


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