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Teacher's guide to managing exam stress

Posted by Karabo Kgophane on 26 November 2021, 11:00 SAST
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Exam season is upon us, and with that comes stress, lots of it. Many teachers feel they are expected to perform miracles and get blamed when students don’t do as well as they or particularly their parents expected them to.

Acknowledging that this is a stressful time is the first step; learning how to manage and deal with the stress is the next. If you are an educator, here are some tips for dealing with exam stress.

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Year end self-reflection for teachers

Posted by Karabo Kgophane on 17 November 2021, 10:05 SAST
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Article by R.K Henson

Congratulations on making it to the end of this school year! 

The last few days of school can be stressful. From standardised tests to award ceremonies, at times it can feel like there’s not enough time in your school’s schedule for everything you need to get done. But if you have not made time for self-reflection yet, you’re missing a great opportunity. The end of the year is the ideal time to do this.

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Preventing burnout among educators

Posted by Karabo Kgophane on 16 November 2021, 12:05 SAST
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Article by Fiona Tapp

Teaching is a rewarding yet demanding career. With extensive hours and a heavy workload, it's easy to fall prey to teacher burnout. Without the proper support, teachers are in danger of being overworked and neglect taking care of their mental and physical health needs.

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Last mile marking tips

Posted by Karabo Kgophane on 11 November 2021, 14:30 SAST
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Article by Katt Backwell

The school year has flown by but now is creeping along, you are not alone. Many teachers this time of year are teaching students who are anxious about the school year ending.

To help you and your students stay focused and productive to the end of the year, several national writers have shared tips you can use in your classroom to not only make it to the end of the year but to enjoy every minute of it.

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Time for teachers to recover

Posted by Karabo Kgophane on 11 November 2021, 10:20 SAST
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The end of a school year brings a range of emotions, which can be overwhelming. Saying goodbye to students can be tough but usually, teachers are so tired when the school year is about to end that they need some time to recover. 

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By Joe Tilly

Adults are often unaware of bullying behaviour in schools and classrooms. Subtle, unkind behaviours can easily go unnoticed by teachers. Preventing bullying in schools can happen when the problem is addressed from many angles. Approaches are most effective when the entire school community is involved in creating a culture of respect while developing strong, positive relationships. And it all begins with awareness.

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Pointers of saving your teachers voice

Posted by Karabo Kgophane on 28 October 2021, 11:35 SAST
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By Mike Anderson

Are we losing our voice as teachers? It's no big deal, we lost ours long ago. (Kidding!) But losing your teacher's voice, well, that’s a true occupational hazard. Teaching without a voice is like driving with your eyes closed.

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Helping students cope with a difficult year

Posted by Karabo Kgophane on 28 October 2021, 10:00 SAST
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These unresolved traumas can affect memory and concentration, putting students at risk for lowered levels of academic performance. Teachers—many traumatized themselves—are on high alert for students who show signs of trauma, like difficulty sitting still, irritability, emotional volatility, and difficulty regulating their emotions, plus withdrawal, avoidance, and constant fatigue

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