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Written by Jon Konen

Never has a school year given us so much to gripe about… and never has the school break brought such a feeling of sweet relief. At the end of a year that left students, teachers and parents all feeling like we ran a marathon, and a year filled with uncertainty still ahead.Teaching is one of the fields hardest hit by the pandemic and it is still reeling and trying to find its footing as we speak. 

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Free online Teacher Resources

Posted by Hlengiwe Zwane on 29 June 2021, 08:20 SAST
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Times are changing and before we know it the future that we have only dreamed of and see in movies will be upon us. As educators we are always on the lookout for new inspiration and new ideas, but who has time to plow through the a million resources on the internet? Well, good news! We have  done the research for you, and here are a couple of sources for free teacher resources.

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Article by School of Education.

The number of mental health issues among school-age children has ballooned in the last two decades, causing great alarm and leaving educators strategising how to respond. Since 2013, major depression alone has climbed 65% for girls and 47% for boys, according to a recent report from from a major health insurer. Clearly, students need comprehensive support to deal with emotional disturbances that negatively affect their daily lives and potentially hurt their futures as well.

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Must Reads for New Teachers

Posted by Hlengiwe Zwane on 25 June 2021, 16:05 SAST
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By Harry K. Wong and Rosemary T. Wong

Lots of educators suffer from back-to-school jitters, but teachers new to the classroom are especially prone to worries: What if I have a classroom full of troublemakers? What if my lesson plans aren’t rigorous enough? What if I have absolutely no parental or administrative support? Take comfort: Your colleagues have recommended some must-reads for newbies that are sure to help you get organized and energized. Here are a few of their picks.

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5 Essential Resources for First-Year Teachers

Posted by Hlengiwe Zwane on 24 June 2021, 17:30 SAST
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By Scholastic Editors

These five teacher resources will help you build confidence and ensure your first year of teaching is a huge success.

With all the excitement and anticipation of being a first-year teacher, there’s often a sense of anxiety mixed in leading up to that first day. But have no fear! With these five essential resources for first-year teachers, you’ll have everything you need to put your mind at ease, build confidence, and be fully prepared for your teaching journey.

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Teacher self-care quiz resources

Posted by Hlengiwe Zwane on 24 June 2021, 09:45 SAST
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Why worry about self-care?
Being a teacher is a challenging job. With competing demands such as supporting students’ needs, creating new resources and worksheets, and communicating with colleagues and parents, keeping on top of everything can be exhausting.

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Designing a successful project-based learning unit can seem like a daunting task. We want it to be innovative, full of 21st century learning skills, and so meaningful that our students proudly remember every detail for the rest of the year. How do we accomplish all this? These eight tips can keep you moving in the right direction:

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How to make education fit for the future

Posted by Hlengiwe Zwane on 23 June 2021, 16:55 SAST
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Any education that deems itself "fit for the future" needs to meet the challenges of the changing nature of the workplace and develop the new skills associated with it, according to Lee Davis, deputy director of education at Cambridge International.


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Project-Based Learning

Posted by Hlengiwe Zwane on 23 June 2021, 15:45 SAST
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Project-Based Learning from TeacherVision
The vast majority of teachers will tell you they got into teaching to inspire their students and to change the world. They want to see their students succeed not only academically, but also out in the real world; to not only survive, but thrive in an ever-changing global environment. They aspire to inspire a new generation of leaders and changemakers so that they hep cultivate a better society as the generations progress.

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20 Examples Of Project-Based Learning

Posted by Hlengiwe Zwane on 23 June 2021, 12:30 SAST
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We gave a quick example of project-based learning to illustrate the relationship between learning objectives and the products and artifacts produced by project-based learning.
“As the name implies, project-based learning is simply learning through projects. What is being learned and how that learning is being measured isn’t strictly dictated by the project and any products or artifacts within that project. Rather, the reverse should be true: the desired learning objectives should help dictate the products and artifacts within the project.
For example, instead of wanting students to plan a garden as the core of the project, then deciding which learning objectives and academic standards fit that idea, planning backward–looking first at the learning objectives and academic standards, then brainstorm project ideas and components of that project (audience, purpose, duration, etc.) This can be useful in making sure that in the course of completing the project, they are actually learning what you want them to learn.

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