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As I write this, it’s almost three months since the introduction of the nationwide lockdown. Although many restrictions have been eased by the government, and grades 7and 12 have slowly returned to physical classrooms, for some students, classes are yet to return to normal.



Sadly for some students lessons paused since the introduction of the lockdown and the lack of technology continues to restrict them from their lessons.


COVID-19 has disrupted lessons for both teachers and students. Teachers find themselves cornered. The pandemic has demanded all educators around the world to continue with classes in the virtual classroom. Teachers in South Africa, however, that must be a daunting challenge, when many students do not have access to the virtual classroom. 

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Amended School Calendar

Posted by Hlengiwe Zwane on 09 February 2021 1:10 PM SAST
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With the brink of the new year that is upon us. We are still trying to ease into the new norm that the global pandemic has forced upon us. We urge all educators and students to start this year with a fresher perspective and remain optimistic of the new era, with that being said.

We have provided you with the amended schooling year calendar for 2021. Here is to making the most out of this year.

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Self Care Tips

Posted by Hlengiwe Zwane on 03 February 2021 1:55 PM SAST
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Being a teacher means that sometimes you neglect your health. Taking care of yourself is crucial, you have to take care of yourself first or you will not have anything to give. 

Let us discuss a few key ways to recharge your batteries so that you are able to share your best self with your students. While you still have some time to yourself before the school year begins here are things that you will help you recharge : 

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Verbal instruction is so important for teachers to get right. This is because students model their behaviour on yours, and so the way in which you address them influences their vocabulary, articulation, pronuciation and comprehension. 

With the advent of the internet, we have access to more learning tools than ever. Online learning facilitates a holistic approach to education that goes beyond the classroom. As an educator, this is to your benefit. With so many digital learning tools at your disposal, implementing creativity into your lessons is easier than ever. 

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18 Classroom Management Strategies & Techniques

Posted by Caroline Smith on 18 January 2021 4:00 PM SAST
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Poor classroom management will elevate your stress and burnout rates. Therefore it is important to support your health and wellness by creating an orderly learning environment! This will benefit your students too, as it establishes academic engagement and prosocial student behaviour. There are many approaches we outline below that are simple to implement. You can choose those which best suit your teaching style and situation.

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