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Quarter 1 Report March 2024

Posted by Asanda Sitlaba on 02 April 2024, 16:45 SAST
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My name is Asanda Sitlaba

I am the Teacher Assistant at Philipstown Primary school.

This is my update for Quarter 1 of 2024

Quarter 1, we completed the following activities of the spell2read2write programme

*I identified 15 priority learners in grade 5&6 and I worked with them doing spelling and reading 

I did spelling which they have to write I give each and everyone a paper for them to write the words that I am reading out. 

We also did the oral reading test with them they were reading about "The BIG RED APPLE" and count the words the read in a minute.

We also did a vedio with them doing the vowel songs and the consonants.

We did the Alison courses which were really interesting.  

4. The highlight for the Quarter was that every learner showed interest and they enjoy the classes and they participate very well and I was able to manage working with them.

Doing the Alison course and being able to post my own report on the ABA site

5. The challenges I found were when ever we are writing spelling some of the learner's can't write and some can't even say a word when we do reading. 

 The other challenge is we don't get enough time with the priority learners and not having a projector or a computer for when we have to watch vedios and listen to them.

6. In the next quarter I will be focusing on the learners that can't write and those who are struggling to read and give them more attention.

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