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Written by Gail McMillan     

Alcova Elementary School in Georgia, USA has come up with a clever and fun way to help  its students learn maths inside and outside the classroom. The school has turned its staircases into “multiplication stairs” by painting multiplication tables onto them to reinforce what students have been taught in the classroom. 

The idea came from mathematician Gregory Tang, who believes that "teaching and learning should be clever and fun," and that maths information should be accessible to students everywhere, all the time. The school has also painted the letters of the alphabet and other key educational material onto walls, doors and floors to help students build their academic knowledge and skills.

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Despite having spent many hours of my life shovelling dirt in the garden (usually with very little success), I never really understood why some gardens prosper while others perish. As someone native to the Northern-Cape, I only knew that no garden will survive without water. The Hoedspruit 1 Circle’s approach to food gardening showed me that community, creativity and curiosity are important ‘fertilizers’ that I missed in my previous gardening endeavours.

This Circle’s gardening improved the community involvement at schools and increased the production and sustainability of their gardens. I am convinced that my future gardening projects would stand a much greater chance of success if I follow similar principles. I also learned lessons from the Hoedspruit 1 story that can be applied in other types of projects and different areas of my life. In the body of this blog, I explore some shining themes from the Hoedspruit 1 projects.

Watch the video above that was compiled by the Hoedspruit Hub on the Hoedspruit 1 mandala gardens (click on the photo of the garden at the top or Click here).

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Post Written by Zah'Rah Kahn

 The youth will lead. Adults must play their part.

The 2010s ‘decade of disruption’ saw youth across the planet capture our attention with their hard-hitting, authentic brand of environmental activism.

Who can forget the bold efforts of 15-year-old Greta Thunberg, who started skipping school in 2018 to strike for climate action outside the Swedish parliament in Stockholm, or Somali-American high schooler Irsa Hirsi, who co-founded the U.S. Climate Strike?


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The Importance of School Landscapes

Posted by Breggie Hoffman on 20 January 2021 8:40 PM SAST
Breggie Hoffman photo

Post written by Tamlyn Combrink

What attracts students and parents to a school? One major factor that might go overlooked is the curb appeal of the campus environment. A well-maintained landscape will draw them in and add a level of pride and beauty, which will contribute to their decision. Below are three recommendations to add value to your school or campus and increase enrolment.

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Benefits of School Gardening

Posted by Breggie Hoffman on 20 January 2021 8:30 PM SAST
Breggie Hoffman photo

Post written by Tamlyn Combrink

SG pic 1 girls next to planter box.jpg

Children get great enjoyment from being outdoors. They’re curious, taking enjoyment from learning when it’s practical and creative. That’s why school gardening could be the start of a lifelong passion for children. Continue reading to see the benefits of school gardening for children.

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Written by Magali von Blottnitz 6 April 2020

We have been asked for advice on how to set up a feeding scheme during lockdown. This blog post covers really just a few common-sense rules - there is no absolute recipe for feeding schemes as it depends on context. Feel free to share your comments and suggestions and we can make sure that we edit this post to include your experiences!

This blog post covers: 

* how to obtain permits for the staff and volunteers 

* how to ensure that the staff and volunteers protect themselves against the risks of infection 

* how to enforce physical distancing between the learners 

* What more you can do to feed the minds as well as the bodies

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Posted by Magali von Blottnitz on 13 April 2020

Westlake Primary teacher Elizabeth Koeberg gives pupils schoolwork when they come to pick up their lunch packs. 
Image: Esa Alexander

This post is an excerpt of an article published by Sunday Times about the efforts of a PfP Principal in the Cape to provide not only food, but also worksheets to her learners during lockdown.

We have also included the example of another school where a teacher is using whatsapp groups, voice notes and Google Forms to continue teaching and assessing his matric class during lockdown.

For the full article, click here


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Story provided by Brenda Scrooby, LPF in Modimolle, Limpopo

Janine Botha the PfP business partner at Maope Secondary School in Bela Bela in the Waterberg is a community person at heart and the environment of PfP has equipped and further encouraged her to go the extra mile during this lockdown period. She tells us a little about this amazing initiative:

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