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Maikaelelo Primary School

Primary School
  • 351 Toto Street, Diepkloof, Olifantshoek, 8450
  • Olifantshoek, Northern Cape
  • +0533310701

Monthly report

Posted by Dineo Cecilia on 09 October 2017 5:55 PM CAT
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Update on Spell it programme in Maikaelelo primary school for the week 04 September (Monday) to 08 September (Friday)

The programme is still progressing. We've used both the grade 6 classes. Programme was performed almost everyday. Activities which was performed was the alphabet song just for warm up and then we played the card games, and then hundred high frequency words and then we performed a Spelling test. They learn very fast when coming to singing songs and playing games which they enjoyed the most. The challenges which we encounter the most is their performances in the Spelling test which is not so good. Nothing went wrong and there are no problems regarding the programme. Plan of action for this month is to assist  teachers by doing revisions with not progressed learners.

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