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Why use A Better Africa

A-better-africa is focused on supporting organisations that desire to improve the African education ecosystem through designed education programmes. There are thousands of exceptional enrichment and intervention programmes that support the improvement of education across the continent that need to be scaled and shared.

A-better-africa allows for the sharing of these programmes across the continent through building knowledge communities. These programmes may range from literacy, educator professional development, STEM programs, bursaries...etc.

A-better-africa helps provide a better view of who is involved in these programmes, i.e. the programme owners, implementers, funders and partners. We can scale the impact and accelerate the positive change that these programmes aim to achieve by sharing these across the African continent through our platform.

A-Better-Africa supports every entity in this larger ecosystem. By building a community and connecting it through a shared objective to drive engagement in the ecosystem through collaboration and the sharing of resources helps scale the impact.

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